Black Brook Brewery (Mustan Virran Panimo) is a small craft brewery located in Savonlinna, an old city in eastern Finland. Brewery has been established to honour the old brewmasters of Olavinlinna, a legendary medieval castle standing on an island in front of the city. Castle used to have it’s own brewery back in 1500’s, where the brewmasters made various beers to people of the castle.

Olavinlinna holds many secrets and legends, the holy atrocities of St. Olaf, the walled maid, the Black Brook Merman and the demonic goat figure that frightened the enemy soldiers. From these legends we extract ideas and full-bodied flavors into our beers. 




St. Olaf Pale Ale 5,5%

The pride of our brewery is St. Olaf Pale Ale, an american pale ale fit for kings and soldiers alike. St. Olaf Pale Ale is named after the medieval viking king of Norway, also after whom the northern most medieval castle (St. Olafs Castle) in our brewerys hometown of Savonlinna, Finland is named.


St. Olaf is loaded with american Citra hops which give it a fresh and citrusy aroma and taste. On the malt bill there is both barley and wheat that give the beer a light amber color.


St. Olaf Pale Ale 1,2%

Description coming soon!


Pässi ipa 5,5%

The story of the devilish ram looking down from the walls of St. Olafs Castle and frightening enemies during a heavy thunder is the inspiration for our session IPA.


Hopped with Centennial and Cascade, PÄSSI (Ram) IPA has an intoxicating aroma and taste of fresh grapefruit and pine needles. This beer is bitter and fruity with a strong body from barley malts.


neito golden ale 4,7%

Description coming soon!


pistolekors porter 7%

The name of the Pistolekors family is now faded in history, but once they were the most influential one around St. Olafs Castle with many of them acting as castellans. The rise and fall of a great family serves as an inspiration for the Pistolekors Porter.


Pistolekors Porter is of black and brown color from the use of roasted barley malts. The beer is lightly hopped with noble hops giving it a mild bitterness that agrees with the light mocca and chocolate aromas and some ripe plum flavor.


tott double ipa 8,5%

Erik Axel´s Son Tott was the one to start the building of St. Olafs Castle in 1475. A Strong and prominent figure in his days we thought deserved a beer to match.


Tott Double IPA is loaded with bittering and aroma hops to match the strong and sweet body of the beer. The bucketfuls of Columbus, Simcoe and Centennial hops give Tott Double IPA a distinct and strong aroma with more than just hints of grapes and citrus fruits and also some herbal notes. Due to the generous use of malts there is some residual sweetness that together with the hop aromas and strong bitterness compliment the high alcohol volume.


suomi pale ale 5,5%

Description coming soon!


viima winter ale 5,5%

Description coming soon!


organic wheat ale 4,5%

Description coming soon!


black brew neipa 9000 5,2%

The neipa (New England India Pale Ale) style is somewhat new to the craft beer world and it is the first one of our beers that rocks more of an modern approach design wise also. Stylish, neon and captivating is what you find inside the bottle also.


Neipa 9000 is full of fresh hops, not in a bitter but more in a juicy way.  Citra and Amarillo hops are put in loads at the end of the boiling process and also in the tank after fermentation. This is what gives our neipa the intense floral aroma and taste. With light barley malts we use flaked and malted oats that produce the thick and fuzzy body for the beer.



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